Dubai is well known for its hospitality and for hosting major events such as Formula 1, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Desert Classic, and many more.

DESIGN OBJECTIVE & requirements
Sponsored by Dubai Design Festival for 2023, Dubai is hosting a gala where many designers from different walks of life and countries will unite in UAE to showcase their artwork at the OPERA GALLERY.

As a Designer, I was tasked to create the following:
   - Design Festival Identity
   - Design Festival - Site Identification
   - Design Festival - Pedestrian Directional & Wayfinding signs
   - Design Festival - Banner Design
Design Festival - Identity Design:
The identity must be able to be reproduced in a single-colour version. It must be flexible enough to be used on either a business card or a billboard. It should reflect a unique approach to representing the city design gala.
Design Festival - Site Identification:
Design a substantial temporary sign to announce and celebrate the entrance to the gala. A suggested freestanding height is 8’ to 12’ tall or 8’ square if mounted to an exterior wall surface. It must feature the name of the design gala.
Design Festival - Pedestrian Directional:
Design a template for pedestrian directional signs. This sign will list a minimum of 5 locations or event areas within the gala. Use directional arrows/iconography (use AIGA symbol signs to inspire
your design).
Design Festival - Banner Design:
Design a banner graphic to be mounted onto lamp posts near the location of the Design Festival. The size of banner is 18” wide by 60” tall.
Design Festival - Identity Design
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