ABOUT Sevan Youhanna
Hello, and welcome to my site.
I am a Graphic Designer based in Toronto, Ontario, with over 15 + years of experience in the creative field.
Working with different types of clients has provided me with a record of professional achievements and has given me extensive experience in many areas of Graphic Design. My portfolio includes both; professional projects and personal concepts.
My work ethic is to exceed clients' expectations and prioritize their needs and vision, sincerely caring about their success, personalizing their experience, and solving issues before they arise.
areas of expertise
As a Graphic Designer, I solidly bring together art and technology on one plate. I have an outstanding knowledge of design principles, combined with a mastery level of design software, and I always aim for more.

   +  Environmental Graphic Design
   +  Wayfinding  
Editorial & Typography
   +  Branding Systems & Logo Design
   +  UX/UI
   +  Infographics
   +  PowerPoint Presentation
   +  Prepress & Print
   +  Portrait Retouching & Enhancement
   +  Web Design

   +  Advanced in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office 365
   +  Skillfully versed in layout design, typography, editorial, print, digital and infographic design.
   +  Proficient in HTML and CSS using Brackets, Visual Studio Code, Adobe Dreamweaver, and WordPress
   +  Proven to be proficient and have excellent attention to detail  
   +  A firm believer in continuous learning

Design is not just a profession but a passion I highly respect. A passion that keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about learning more to stay current with the latest trends and technologies.
Whether it's an actual project for a client or personal, or maybe an idea I have in mind, I constantly challenge my comfort zone to develop new strategies, meet my highest expectations, be more efficient and boost my creativity.
I am competent in identifying a project's context and goals, and through a comprehensive thinking process and management, I turn ideas into innovations.

So when I am not stuck behind a desk and in front of a computer for 18 hours, I listen to music. I like classical, Jazz and trance music. You can catch me at the gym for a spin class as I keep fit.
I like to volunteer whenever and wherever I can. I have a love for helping others who need my assistance. I fully support my community and would love to work with a brand that shares these values.
So, what do you think?
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