about Nick & Zina
Nick and Zina are real estate brokers and staging company based in Burlington, ON. They serve Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and
Toronto areas.
Problem and Solution
During our initial consultation with Nick and Zina, they expressed several concerns regarding their existing logo. One notable issue was its creation by an inexperienced designer, resulting in a design that deviated from professional standards. Their foremost objective was to secure a proficient redesign to ensure uniformity across their marketing and advertising materials. Using their names as a logotype revealed significant spacing issues (kerning) between characters in the previous logo. This excessive space contributed to an awkward type of treatment, posing challenges in readability. Additionally, an oversight in alignment further detracted from the overall visual coherence. Addressing these concerns, we identified the need for a meticulous redesign.
The second challenge observed was the difficulty in maintaining consistency throughout their marketing efforts. This underscored the importance of a redesigned logo that addressed design flaws and facilitated a cohesive and unified brand image in their promotional endeavours.
The primary aim for Nick and Zina was to attain a sustainable and professionally crafted logo that would exhibit cohesiveness across all facets of their marketing initiatives. Additionally, they sought a contemporary and distinctive logotype capable of conveying their robust business values.
In pursuit of this objective, a deliberate choice was made to employ a bold and robust typeface. This typeface was selected for its legibility and functional adaptability across diverse platforms, including but not limited to bus stops, publications, advertisements, and social media channels.
Over the course of nearly three years, I have engaged in collaborative efforts with Nick and Zina, contributing to various aspects of their marketing and advertising initiatives. This involvement has extended to the development and enhancement of their business strategy, resulting in the establishment of their prominence as a distinguished real estate company. This recognition is particularly notable in Burlington, Ontario, and across the Greater Toronto Area.
The wheels on the bus go round
and round, and so do Nick & Zina​​​​​​​
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