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Sharon Soltanian, a distinguished industry innovator, has held the esteemed Broker of Record position for over 18 years. She offers exclusive, high-quality services for the luxury market in North York, Ontario.
In 2014, Sharon Soltanian requested me to design a new logo and craft a comprehensive branding package for her real estate firm, all with a meticulously defined vision. While her initial ideas proved valuable, a deeper engagement over the two weeks gave me a more profound understanding of her objectives. Soltanian's inspiring personality, inherent charisma, and refined presence influenced my design thinking process, directing it towards an elevated trajectory.
Within the parameters of this project, she articulated a specific directive: the integration of her initials, 'SS,' as the focal point of the logo. This mandate sought to evoke a sense of luxurious femininity, mirroring her character and the discerning clientele she
caters to.
I divided Sharon’s project into two objective categories; business and personal objective.
• Establish a cohesive brand identity across multiple platforms.
• Reflect the professional and luxurious image of the successful, growing real estate business.
• Differentiate from competitors in an increasingly crowded market.
• Influence and build trust with new clients.
• Impressionable.
• Unique elegance.
• Personal professionalism.
• Memorable.
• Recognizable and consistent through a transitional phase.

The selection of University Roman as the typeface for the logomark was a commendable decision. Noteworthy for its narrow capitals and elegantly positioned crossbars well above the median line, this typeface exudes a sense of professionalism and refinement. Its distinctive features contribute significantly to the logomark's overall aesthetic, creating a visual identity that is both sophisticated and elegant.
* Kindly be advised that the scope of work is primarily focused on the design of the logo. The remaining elements of the project were conceptualized to assess the visual integration of the logo within a broader context of inspiration.
 wine label design
A classy way to say thank you to a client.
business Stationery
Soltanian Real Estate Inc. Brokerage
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175 Willowdale Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 4Y9
Soltanian Real Estate Inc. Brokerage
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175 Willowdale Ave, Toronto, ON M2N 4Y9
Soltanian Real Estate Inc. Brokerage
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