I have been working with TLN Media Group since November 2018 as a freelance Graphic Designer working on their major festival event, "Salsa in Toronto Festival," and for other design projects as needed.

Directed by the Canadian Salsa Festivals Project, the annual Salsa in Toronto Festival sponsored by TD is the largest Latino-themed cultural celebration in Canada.
The award-winning festival presents unique cultural experiences, including the best Latino music, dance, street food, and visual art exhibitions.
Lead Designer - Freelance.
During the 2020 and 2021 festivals, I was the lead designer for the festival's primary design campaign. Projects included billboard banners, advertisements, and social media.
In addition, I was tasked to revamp and reorganize the branding manual.
Project Overview

Salsa in Toronto festival logo rebranding

Date: 2019
When I started working for TLN Media Group, my first project was to rebrand the festival logo establish colour palettes providing CMYK
and RGB.

Also, created logo variations with different colours and backgrounds and provided other logo file formats such as eps, ai, PSD, jpg, png and PDF.

Adobe Illustrator
Project Overview
Poster design

2020 Salsa In Toronto
Poster design

2021 Salsa In Toronto
Poster design

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
The design process for the 2021 poster.
Why was the Design Campaign different for the 2021 festival?
When we had our initial design briefing with the Director of Communications and Marketing and the creative team at TLN, the main concept was to create an illustration look for the 2021 design campaign. 
Illustration design provides more freedom to show a spectrum of nonverbal cues and communication and isn’t limited to static photographs. Furthermore, to be a little different in terms of attracting all audiences.
The process was to use the 2020 photograph of the couple with a different pose, extracted from the background and then changed to an illustration. This way, we had more control to change colours and tones as directed. Original image provided by TLN Media Group.

Putting it all together to create an effective design.

Despite the unfortunate mark of COVID-19 for the event year, we at TLN stopped at nothing to promote and host the festival to entertain the Latino community in Toronto. As a result, we shifted our focus to social media platforms to broadcast the event online and on TV channels.
With the diligence and hard work of the entire design and marketing team, the 2021 Salsa In Toronto Festival was as much success as in previous years. Needless to say, the continued support of the Latino community brought joy to our city.
Notice the subtle addition of the pattern to the design background; it creates unity and formality to the theme.
Project Overview
MULTICULTURAL poster design
The design objective for this poster is to represent and convey TLN Media Group as Canada’s most influential multicultural media company.

The creative idea is to use different patterns to signify multiculturalism.
The final product is used as a backdrop for TV shows, office walls, pull-up banners and billboards.

Adobe Illustrator
Project Overview
​​​​​​​TLN soccer – Halftime show poster design

About the show
Hosted by TLN personality Camila Gonzalez, The Halftime Show is a weekly program that airs during the halftime intermission of every live SERIE A Italian League Soccer broadcasted live by TLN.
The 5 to 5:30 minutes short videos aim to be entertaining and informative and provide exclusive interviews and off-the-pitch stories exploring food, music, and different cultures.
Directed by the Senior Director of Communications & Marketing, I had the role of a Creative Director on this project. Essentially, I was in charge of the entire process, from ideation, print to final production.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

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