Overview & research
Medical Confidence exists to help empower individuals to be informed and active participants in their health and healthcare decisions. After a user completes an app survey, Medical Confidence analyzes each individual based on their inputs and helps them connect to the proper medical care support worker.

Our team of five members was tasked to re-design an existing app for Medical Confidence to be more appealing to Generation Z between 17 and 26. The new design will be launched in early 2020.
After reviewing Medical Confidence’s current app design and meeting with them, our team decided to enhance the colours and add stock images of real people instead of illustrations (studies show that using photos of humans in design usually connects the user or target audience psychologically and emotionally with, in this case, the app, and it will resonate with them).
We determined the design to be clean using whitespace, intuitive enough for all ages, especially generation Z, avoiding the complexity of signing in or up, and very professional to reflect confidentiality and focus more on reaching a solution for the user instead of the design aspect. Additionally, Survey questions are to be straightforward to understand. Users will receive notifications or reminders on their upcoming appointments.
We also added three new features that Medical Confidence lacked in their current app to keep the user engaged. We implemented:
• Live chat room
• Thought diary
• Hotline contact
• Status notifications
• Encouragement quotes and inspiration

We decided to use orange and blue colours.
RGB 250 - 166 - 26
Orange colour represents:
• Freshness
• Happiness
• Positivity
RGB 0 - 84 - 166
HEX #0054A6
Blue colour represents:
• Depth & Stability
• Trust
• Loyalty
For fonts, we chose to use a combination of Arial for headings and Barlow for body text. They are both sans-serif fonts and very legible to read at a small scale and from a distance.
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