Overview & Research
About Toronto Car Rental
This project aims to build a trusted app for a Canadian car rental company - TORONTO CAR RENTAL. The company originated in Toronto with locations all over the province. The company has a unique strategy and business model that provides fast and convenient services with many vehicles to choose from.
Customers with frequent car rental needs can safely create an account and store their payment method for fast transactions, making them members. This option comes with loyalty programs, members are notified of better rates. Non-members can also use the service as guests.
The added feature for more convenience offers complete car rental drop-offs to members’ and non-members’ doorsteps, making this app unique. Customers also have the option to pick up a car rental from a physical location.

Design Objectives
The design objective is to create a comprehensive app with options for many locations all over Canada and many different selections of cars, SUVs, trucks, and Vans. As an exclusive designer for this project, I intend to create a trusted name car rental company that provides competitive rates, loyalty programs and customer convenience
and satisfaction.
Logo Design
High-fidelity prototype design
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